Soldering torchMy name is Mike Radcliffe, and I’m a Plumber!

If you need a plumber right now because you have a leak, then you might want to check out my page called “Err…HELP!”

My phone number is 07913-670221, or you can send me an e-mail here

My rate is £35 an hour, which works out at £280 per day. Minimum charge is £75.

I’m happy to spend up to an hour for free to come and have a look at the work and quote. I’ll do anything from changing a washer to ripping out a whole bathroom and putting in a new one. No job too small, as they say. If you want to see some examples of my work, then check out the Gallery page.

I’m based in Streatham Hill, South London. I will travel to North, East, West and Central London for work, as well as into Surrey, Kent or Middlesex.

I’m 52, and am married with two children. When I’m not plumbing, I make paintings which can be seen at

I take black tea (no milk, no sugar), so put the kettle on, and I’ll be round.

Other trades…?

I have a whole gang of people I rely on for things that I’m not able to do. All these people are self-employed in their own right, so they’re not my “employees” as such, but if I’m working on a project that requires different expertise, then these people are my first port of call:


Boilers and gas-related work.

Owen Spencer: 07770-918344

Owen, who really helped me out when my own boiler died, and is very good and knowledgeable. He’ll happily talk through all your options and give a good list of pros and cons of all those options open to you, as well as landlords certificates, fixing, moving and installing boilers. Give him a call and tell him I sent you.



I know a couple of great fully qualified electricians:

Aaron at Cycling Sparks:

Sarah Watsham: 07834-707343

Amy: 07769-329138 (Best for North of the River)



Plastering/Light Building & Carpentry/Painting & Decorating. For everything else, there’s Mike Teasdale. I’ve worked on many projects, including whole-house renovations with Mike. He’s a good bod, meticulous in his work, and is very level headed (but with a wicked sense of humour). He knows I detest plastering, so I let him do it, and he takes the credit for it (and the money!). His number is 07949-166520.