Other trades…?

I have a whole gang of people I rely on for things that I’m not able to do. All these people are self-employed in their own right, so they’re not my “employees” as such, but if I’m working on a project that requires different expertise, then these people are my first port of call:


Boilers and gas-related work.

Owen Spencer: 07770-918344

Owen, who really helped me out when my own boiler died, and is very good and knowledgeable. He’ll happily talk through all your options and give a good list of pros and cons of all those options open to you, as well as landlords certificates, fixing, moving and installing boilers. Give him a call and tell him I sent you.



I know a couple of great fully qualified electricians:

Aaron at Cycling Sparks: https://www.thecyclingsparks.co.uk/

Sarah Watsham: 07834-707343

Amy: 07769-329138 (Best for North of the River)



Plastering/Light Building & Carpentry/Painting & Decorating. For everything else, there’s Mike Teasdale. I’ve worked on many projects, including whole-house renovations with Mike. He’s a good bod, meticulous in his work, and is very level headed (but with a wicked sense of humour). He knows I detest plastering, so I let him do it, and he takes the credit for it (and the money!). His number is 07949-166520.

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