A bath/shower and sink in a small space in a 2-floor apartment block.

This was great fun to do, and looked awesome when completed. It was in a two-floor apartment on the 9th and 10th floors of a tower block in South London. The bathroom and toilet were in severe need of updating (toilet room was in a seperate room).

There was a chunk of boxing in hiding some pipes in the room (behind the sink), which took up too much of the space. I took all the old stuff out and re-built the boxing in behind the sink, shrinking it to where it is now. I lowered the ceiling, and put in a chrome “ladder” towel rail in behind the door – as well as putting in the bath, shower, sink and a ready-made cupboard for the sink to sit on. The bath is filled up by the third knob on the shower control that you can see (water comes in through a connection on the overflow) Un-marbled walls and ceilings were all painted by me.

Rather than tiling the place, the client decided that they wanted solid slabs of marble. This had the advantage of making a very small room looking a whole lot bigger, and looked absolutely stunning. Sadly I can’t take the credit for doing the marble. It was cut and installed by Derek Poole in Stockwell who I can recommend.

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